New Zealand terms

Terms used by New Zealand organisations and for exporting support

Cost recovered funds

Funds collected by Government agencies from an industry or community to pay for specific services provided by that agency for the benefit of that industry or community group.

Endpoint Inspection

Phytosanitary and/or Food safety Inspection of a consignment by an Independent Verification Authority immediately prior to export to ensure it fulfils and importing countries requirements.


Until July 2011 known as Ecert . This is the Phytosanitary electronic certificate  system operated by MP that produces phytocertificates for plant exporters.


Environmental Protection Agency previously the Environmental  Risk Management Authority - Established under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.  Its main role is to make decisions on applications to import, develop new organisms; or import or manufacture hazardous substances in NZ.


Forest Products Export Council – This council provides advice to MPI on the use of cost recovered funds for market access activity for the Forest Industry (PMAC’s sister Council)


Free Trade Agreement  is an agreement between two ( or more) countries designed to facilitate trade. FTA’s often reduce tariffs, import quotas, and preferences on most (if not all) goods and services traded between the two countries.


Horticultural Export Authority is an organisation which was established to promote effective export marketing of horticultural products.


Importing country phytosanitary requirements.  Document that lists countries’ phytosanitary requirements for imported products


Independent Verification Agency are organisations accredited by MPI  as complying with the requirements of PEO.IAR.


Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment . This Governmant agency was created in July 2012 by amalgamating the Ministries  of Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Labour and Building and housing


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Ministry for Primary Industries


Maximum Pest limits – the maximum percentage of plants or plant products infested with pests acceptable within each lot inspected.


Maximum Residue Levels- maximum level of a pesticide residue that is acceptable in products. Figures most commonly set by importing countries


New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise


New Zealand Seed Quality management  is an incorporated society, and consists of representatives appointed from seed growers, seed industry, and researchers.


Pre harvest intervals The interval of time between the last application of pesticide and the safe harvesting of edible crops for immediate consumption.


Residue Assurance Programme A  spray programme developed for a specific crop designed to produce a pest free product within the required MRL limits


Trade Access Support Programme 50% Funding available from MFAT for individuals and organisations to undertake market access activities