IVA and Service members

Independent Verification Authority (IVA) and Special members

IVA and Service members are involved in work that support plant exporting businesses. Representatives may attend meetings and may speak through the Chair but do not have voting rights . They pay a reduced subscription to PMAC Inc..


Paul Alexander

Paul is the representative for the IVA Asurequality, and works as the Business Manager - Audit & Inspection Services

AsureQuality is authorised by MPI as an IVA to undertake plant, arable and forestry export verification services on their behalf. Its  Field Services Business is authorised to undertake the following phytosanitary activity options across the arable, forestry and plant sectors:

  • End Point Consignment Inspection
  • Audit programme
  • Treatments
  • Export Phytosanitary Certification
  • Pest Surveys
  • Seed certification

Paul can be contacted at Paul.Alexander@asurequality.com

Massimo Ciccioni

Massimo is the representative for the IVA The Agrichain Centre  and works as the Director IVA and Survey.

Massimo's area of responsibility covers  fresh produce import and export inspections, managing mystery shopping programmes commissioned by clients looking for objective data on how their products fare once they reach the retail shelves and co-ordinating the residue sampling programmes run on behalf of regulators and industry participants.  Massimo is also a Biosecurity Trainer for our Accredited Person / Transitional Facility Operator training courses.

The Agrichain Centre provides the following IVA services to Industry

  • Evaluation and/or audit of Ministry Approved Organisations’ (MAO) systems
  • Verification of MPI Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Phytosanitary / Endpoint Inspection

Massimo can be contacted at  MCiccioni@agrichain-centre.com

Peter Ward

Wayne is the representative for the IVA ,SGS  which is authorised by MPI as an IVA to undertake plant, arable and forestry export verification in New Zealand

SGS offers services to industry groups by sector through its specialist personnel and laboratory capabilities via:

  • Agriculture and Horticultural services (includes Wool Testing Services)
  • Consumer Product services (including food and environmental laboratory services)
  • International Certification services (ICS), (certification of management systems along with environmental management and food safety)
  • Trade assurance service (TAS), import verification programmes and solutions to protect government revenues and to facilitate trade.

Peter can be contacted at peter.ward@sgs.com

Rosemarie Dawson

Rosemarie represents the Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation (CBAFF)

CBAFF is a national federation, whose main concern is to promote the interests of its members. It assists member companies and individuals working professionally and participating in customs broking and freight forwarding, and is affiliated with the wider transport industry.