Special members

Government Agency representatives (MPI and MFAT)

Special members represent Government Agencies and have full voting rights. They have automatic positions on the Council and do not pay an annual subscription to PMAC Inc.


Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson is the  Director at MPI's  Plants, Food and Environment, Standards Directorate

The Plants, Food and Environment Directorate is made up of three groups; Food and Beverage, Biosecurity and Environment and Import and Export Plants. 

It is responsible for the development and implementation of regulatory and non regulatory interventions for a number of areas, including, the import of plants, plant products and inanimate objects; transitional facilities, plant containment facilities, border and marine pathways; and the production, processing, handling and sale of food within New Zealand, including implementation of Joint Food Standards. They are also accountable for providing general requirements for exports of plants, plant products, organic products, food and beverages.

The Plants, Food and the Environment directorate will be the first port of call for all PMAC members and Plant product groups. Any queries should be sent to


Tim Knox

Tim Knox is Director of MPI's  Market Access Directorate .

This directorate draws together from an International trade access perspective biosecurity and  food safety  issues. Staff work closely with MFAT. Market access and assurance’s main functions include:       

  • Performing the duties of the competent authority and ensuring the competent authorities responsibilities are fulfilled across MPI.
  • Developing a Market access strategy. Identifying what needs to be achieved and the steps needed to fulfill it.
  • Leading Trade Market access discussions (with support from across MPI).
  • Inputting into FTA negotiations and implementation and providing the overview across MPI for this responsibility.
  • Providing assurance  that the systems in place  for import and export programmes are  fit for purpose


Richard Ivess

Richard Ivess represents MFAT interests on PMAC. He joined MFAT as Senior Specialist in primary industry matters with the , Trade Negotiations Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Richard has supported plant exports for the majority of his working life working for MAF (now MPI) dealing with horticultural products and their exports. In the early 200's he spent  3 years representing New Zealand at the FAO  in Rome. He joined MFAT on his return from that position.

Richard can be contacted at Richard.Ivess@mfat.govt.nz