Ordinary Members.

Industry  body and Sector representatives

Ordinary members or Industry representatives on PMAC represent the various market access interests of exporters, growers and legislated bodies established to promote the effective export marketing of horticultural products. Ordinary members have full speaking and voting rights.


The current representatives are

  • Horticulture NZ  - Richard Palmer      
  • Kiwifruit Sector - Catherine Richardson             
  • Horticultural Exporting Authority - Simon   Hegarty
  • Pipfruit Sector - Roger Gilbertson       
  • Avocado Sector  - Jen Scoular    
  • Arable Seed Sector -Thomas Chin  
  • Horticultural Exporters Council - Tony  Ponder 
  • Nursery & Live Plant Exporters - Paul  Turner             
  • Flower & Bulb Exporters - Andy  Warren                
  • Vegetable Sector  -Gisele Irvine
  • Onions New Zealand - Mick Ahern