MFAT's market access negotiations


Agreements MFAT is Negotiating

New Zealand has five Free trade Aghreements (FTA)  that are currently being negotiated .  New Zealand officials will periodically ask  for input into these negotiations .  The five negotiations are :


New Zealand-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Agreement

(concluded but not yet signed)  Negotiations started in 2007 and successfully concluded on 31 October 2011 following six rounds of negotiations.  Countries involved in the FTA include Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar.


New Zealand-Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Free Trade Agreement 

On 9 November 2010, New Zealand, Russia and its Customs Union partners Belarus and Kazakhstan agreed to commence negotiations with New Zealand towards a FTA   Nine rounds of negotiations have been held so far, with the most recent being held in Moscow during July 2012. The atmosphere between the parties has been consistently positive and focused, and good progress has been made across the negotiation   Any queries contact David Lilly or  Andrea Beadle


New Zealand-India Free Trade Agreement   

India is a priority relationship for New Zealand  with the Government  implementing an interagency strategy that is working towards India being a core trade, economic and political partner for New Zealand by 2015. The NZ Inc India Strategy,   launched by Prime Minister John Key in October 2011, has several broad economic goals that a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will help achieve.  Any queries contact Brody Sinclair  by: Post at  Trade Negotiations Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Private Bag 18-901 Wellington


New Zealand-Korea Free Trade Agreement 

The Republic of Korea is New Zealand’s fifth-largest bilateral trading partner. Negotiations towards a FTA with Korea were announced by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in 2009.  Since then four rounds of negotiations have taken place.  Any queries contact Brody Sinclair by Post at  Trade Negotiations Division; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Private Bag 18-901; Wellington


Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership  

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) aims to create a regional free trade agreement involving nine Asia Pacific countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore;  United States, Vietnam, Canada , Mexico  and New Zealand.  Any queries please contact  The TPP Coordinator,  on 0064 4 439 8345 ; or