The New Zealand Story

The New Zealand Story

An online toolkit is now available for New Zealand exporters to help tell the New Zealand story overseas.

It allows companies to share a strong, consistent story about what New Zealand has to offer in international markets and will help to  broaden the perception of New Zealand internationally, beyond the scenic beauty of the country

The main pillars for the story are

  • Open Spaces - our land and sea, our guardianship of these spaces and the inspiration they provide
  • Open Hearts - our warm and welcoming nature, the result of coming from a small country, and the integrity we demonstrate
  • Open Minds - from our isolation and our place on the edge of the world, we have become ingenious, resourceful problem solvers.


There are over 100 images and a three-minute film encapsulating the three chapters that are available for use.

The toolkit offers:

  • consistent messaging: both the public and private sectors, including leading exporters, developed the story and will help to share it – so we’ll have more impact over time
  • easy access – sign up at to view and download resources
  • free resources -  that can be used and reproduced free of charge, as long as they are not intended for paid advertisements. Resources are of the highest quality and  relevant items are available in English and Chinese