Queensland Fruit Fly incursion 2014


Queensland Fruit Fly found near Whangerai 

January find

In January 2014 a single male fruit fly was detected in the Parihaka area of Whangarei. MPI carried out a two-week response with increased trapping, fruit collection from the controlled zone and analysis of that fruit to determine if it was a solitary fly or part of a wider breeding population.   Since no additional flies were found within the 2 week period  the area was declared free of Queensland fruit fly (QFF) . An additional 33 traps were placed in Whangarei and the Northland area to maintain enhanced trapping after the response.


April Find

On 2 April 2014 another single male QFF was trapped  within 400m of the January find. It was trapped in one of the 205 traps monitored routinely in the Whangarei region. MPI was confident based on science-based information that a link between the two flies is unlikely. For full  information on the response   see the MPI web site at  http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/pests/queensland-fruit-fly. After a 2 week response   ( see below for an outline of  incursion activity) no further fruit fly were found .  Whangarei's (and so New Zealand's ) Queensland fruit free status was proven in line with international best practise.

During the response  MPI  sent 60 people to Whangarei to man the response.  The following areas of work were put in place  to minimise the impacts of the find.

For further information or to report any suspicious finds, call MPI on 0800 80 99 66.