Database helps track pesticides in agriculture 23/7/12

New Zealand exporters are well serviced with information about the requirements of other countries via the MRL data base ( and  the ICPR database ( on the MPI web site   The following article appeared in Fresh plaza last week showing that similar information is offered to other traders through commercial solutions .

The complexity of the global produce industry doesn't just apply to the logistics of exporting and importing produce. Homologa is a database that tracks approved pesticides, maximum residue levels allowed and other information related to the global produce trade from countries around the globe. It is a password protected database that can be accessed online with an annual subscription.

The service offers global coverage with information from the majority of countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In addition to strong geographical coverage, Homologa also boasts a wide representation across different product sectors. Currently, they have information on fruits, vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, tropical crops, fodder crops and ornamentals. There is also an Alert System, which warns if things change. Access can be acquired for particular sectors and the information can be obtained both online and through emailed reports which can be used off-line. 
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