PMAC weekly update 1st May

PMAC weekly update 24th April to 1st May

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  1. Government agencies: PM opens Joint Border Analytics Facility; Introducing Export Essentials
  1. New Zealand News: FTA Upgrade;  Stay the course on globalization but make it work better, say Asia-Pacific business leaders, Government Funded Training Opportunities; Country of origin - submissions to the select committee, AgWomen Global Strength, US food guru to speak at New Zealand horticulture conference, NZ's biggest orchard approved, , Heavy rain hurts supply of spinach and other greens in NZ; High vegetable prices, but are NZ growers making more money?, Air New Zealand ranked NZ's most reputable company, Piqa® Boo® goes 'live' in China, Golden Bay send first pallets of new apple variety, NZ Sonya Apples launch ceremony, Kiwifruit harvest kicks off in New Zealand after rain-delay
  1. International news: GAIN reports; Food fraud still rife in Europe as €230 million worth of fake food seized; FAO’s tracking tool for water productivity; Shanghai port experiencing severe congestion; Neonicotinoids make bees 'drunk', scientists find; German retailers require recyclable biodegradable packaging; Tomato potato psyllid cannot be eradicated from Australia; UK: New CO2 best practice guide for protected crops now available ; Spain: 30% longer shelf life thanks to new cardboard box; Will artificial photosynthesis be an answer to climate change? Moth-eaten Plastic-eating caterpillars could save the planet