PMAC weekly update 30th October

PMAC weekly update 23rd October to 30th October

Full update available here

1: Government agencies: Are you interested in working for MPI?  ICPR Changes; WTO; New actions to increase Hawke's Bay primary sector workforce
2.New Zealand News:  New Ministers; MPI to be split; Trade Update – October; HortNZ congratulates Damien O’Connor on Ministerial roles; Rural sector faces regaining public confidence to operate in the future; Biosecurity should be top priority for new Government; NZ farmers need more land to meet the population's growing demand; NZ Avocado Growers Association elects new chair; Vegetable growers take a hit; Small, light robotics to take over big tractors as future for farm machinery; Peter Jackson eyes up opportunities in leading edge food business; Thousands of tonnes asparagus eaten every season; New Zealand Kiwifruit prices continue to rise; There is enormous potential for horticulture development in Southland; NZ apples ruined by bad batch of fungicide; Young Gardener Awards reveal kids really dig digging!; New blueberry-bilberry hybrids to suit New Zealand conditions; Kiwifruit Claim fails on law, according to defence's closing statement
3.International news: GAIN reports; India to create new packaging rules for fruit and vegetable exports; EU parliament votes to ban glyphosate by end 2022; Australian apple growers wait patiently for China market access negotiations; Southern China fruit import distribution centre opens; UK is 30-40 years away from 'eradication of soil fertility'; Consumers hungry for smarter produce labels; Researchers look to develop heat resistant broccoli; Researchers use Cucumber mosaic virus to create vaccine against Alzheimer's; Solar-powered lasers may be effective at protecting crops from birds; Scientist discover best way to wash off pesticides from your fruit