PMAC weekly update 27th November

PMAC weekly update 20th to 27th November

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  1. Government agencies: Customs ABC staff relocate to ACIF
  1. New Zealand News:  New TPP preserves the benefits for rural communities; Myrtle rust appears in west Auckland; Climate model gets the measure of myrtle rust ;  Fruit early, but shortage of workers; Urban sprawl and the land that keeps on giving; What we're after is a level playing ground; Zespri wins 2degrees Best Growth Strategy award; Exports drive significant growth in New Zealand avocado industry; Delphinium season starts in New Zealand; Global demand for mini-apples drives orchard investment; Seeka upgrades operational guidance to within 5% of 2016 profit; Cheaper veg in New Zealand contributes to food prices dropping 0.1%; Proposed water conservation order could seriously affect horticulture industry
  1. International news: GAIN reports; GM crop ban in South Australia likely to be extended to 2025; EFSA promotes global approach to food safety during China visit; EU introduces new organic regulation; US organic regulations place economic importance first; China, Canada to strengthen agricultural cooperation; Peru-Australia FTA builds momentum towards broader agreements; Australia has identified fruit export opportunities as markets have grown; Australia: Vegetable industry cash income rates highest in a decade; South Australia agricultural exports have increased due to new airlines; Fruit becoming scarcer in growing world market; China will produce more apples, pears, and grapes; Chile expected to have a good fruit season; "22 ideas to increase global cut flowers" now online; Italy: Edible ink replaces stickers at Futurpera; Bacterial survival related to free chlorine concentration