PMAC weekly update

PMAC weekly update 27th November and 4th December

Full update available here

  1. Government agencies: WTO Notifications
  1. New Zealand News:  Major biosecurity threat: 15 stink bugs found alive in Christchurch after fumigation failure; Export NZ November Trade Update; ExportNZ DHL Export Barometer; Myrtle rust update; Zespri and changes shipping company  Northern Europe and Eastern US shipping routes; Zespri executive Simon Limmer new Silver Fern Farms chief executive; Renewed partnership to boost innovation in kiwifruit; New airline service opens up opportunities for stone fruit exports to Hong Kong; Lucky escape for Christmas cherries; Kiwifruit portside storage gets $11m boost; Shortage concerns of Jersey Benne potatoes due to wet winter; Video: A day in the life of a New Zealand florist; Lily grower embraces best practices; A visit to NZ chrysanthemum farm Burwood Nurseries; Fruit grower stops peony production; EPA chief scientist says irrigation good for environment
  1. International news: GAIN reports; Wide support for extension of growers' rights; Australia attacks UK-EU Brexit plan to share quotas for cheap food imports; EU adopts new Common Agricultural Policy; Economic effects of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act”; Price changes for fruit and veg could save thousands of lives per year"; Number of toxic chemicals applied to vegetables has risen 17 fold since the 1960s’, Intra-row weeding possible with vision systems; Blockchain for agriculture and food; Nanotechnology might help farmers fight climate change, pests and disease–and boost yields