PMAC weekly update 8th January 2018

PMAC weekly update 18th December to 8th January2018

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  1. Government agencies: 28 Sustainable Farming Fund projects approved; WTO Notifications
  1. New Zealand News:  Indo-Kiwi bilateral trade remains modest; New Chief Executive for Kiwifruit Vine Health; New CEO announced for Plant & Food Research; Bostock New Zealand grows  organic onion export; New Zealand's north battered by storms
  1. International news: GAIN reports; TPP Sows Fear in Japan's Agriculture Industry; China: Asia's first freight transport airport settles in Hubei; Self-service stores increase in China; Quarantine Inspection Procedure Simplifications Benefit Fruit Trade at Shanghai Port; Bayer auctioning assets to clear Monsanto deal; Chinese Apple Futures Poised to Affect the Industry; Access for fruit to China; China: "Increasing demands from consumers promote developments in packaging industry"; US: Food purchase decisions of Millennial households; Freshfel headlines; Australia: NRS to test for metals and microbes from Jan 2018; Apples and tomatoes may help repair lungs of ex-smokers; One serving of leafy greens a day may slow brain aging by 11 years; New research unveils potential weight loss properties of sweet cherries; UK: Pregnancy test science could protect vegetable crops; Yellow zucchini compounds associated with the death of tumour cells